If you are concerned about your Brand and marketing performance…


Brands are not owned only by Marketing anymore. Product Designers, Corporate Communication experts & spokespeople, HR and Customer Support… They all give brand decisions everyday. If you see your Brand just as a communication asset to build awareness, please think again… and again!

So how to do proper Brand Management now?

Experience matters

I have worked with incredible brands throughout my career and had the chance to lead their growth via business, brand and communications strategies

Creativity matters more

Having an “analytics first” mindset is crucial today.

However, numbers you check usually belongs to the past and they do not help you understand the most valuable insights.

How about using them in decoding the behaviours, tendencies and trends of yesterday and use creativity to change those behaviours and tendencies in our favor?… Then enjoy some new numbers.

Selin Kahraman | PepsiCo | Global Insights Digitalisation & Product Design Director

“A truly deep thinker, very experienced brand strategist, has amazing real-life cases with multiple global mega brands, understands the workings of the human psyche, can do divergent and convergent thinking at the same time. Sonat has a great balance of creativity and business thinking that makes her a unique consultant that understands how to balance practical solutions with big ideas. We got consultancy services from Sonat for several Pepsico ads and business questions in Europe. The most noteworthy successes include an iconic Xmas advert that got all-time high scores in consumer tests as well as strong business results, and a meta-analysis of our advertising database in UK which then turned into an advertising playbook. Looking forward to our next project together.”

Katerina Karamallaki | Casual Business | Founder

“I had the pleasure to work closely with Sonat at Casumo during a critical time of rebranding the company. Her thinking, strategy and direction was pivotal to the project and the company as a whole. She is a very experienced strategist who can communicate analytical thinking to everyone, including the creative team and can marry business strategy with big ideas. With her solid understanding of market research and strategic planning she created the perfect foundation for creative thinking to flourish. Most importantly, she is a nice person to work with. Everyone from C-Level to employees was looking to her guidance. I would love to collaborate with Sonat again in the future, it was a joy working with her.”

Eda Kirali | Unilever | Digital Marketing & Transformation Director

“Sonat is a very experienced and future oriented brand, digital brand, marketing strategy architect whose vision and output are very valuable for the brands/companies work with her. She works for mega brands and companies and as a strategist and also consultant, she always reflects knowledge and her instruments from her diverse background to the projects that she run. Her result oriented, end to end focus from consumer to market; drive the projects and brands to winning and exceptional strategies. She is really good at merge the creativity with business, consumer and market needs. We got consultancy service for the digital brand and communication strategy of the main digital content platform of Unilever Turkey in Foods Category. Looking forward to work her again for the future projects.”

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