How I can help your brand:

I’m a strategist.

After 15 years of experience in world class organisations as a high potential talent, I realise that it’s not a job description, it’s a characteristic. When curiosity bumps an analytical mind, you eventually become a strategic thinker. Your curiosity runs around and your rational skills try to catch up; that is how it works.

Marketing is an amazing playground for my type; its nature is interdisciplinary, there is no such thing as a single truth or a ceteris paribus … Your curiosity pursues to spot the opportunities; your skills get to work to utilise them in time.

Eventually you become the thought leader who is trusted by your colleagues and your leaders. Because you are always confident to be challenged, and confident to challenge… As you grow critical experiences on your way, you realise that you do not want this journey to end; you can see that there is always something new to learn and something better to achieve, and there is always a brilliant opportunity ahead…

Market & Competitive Analysis


Before Casumo and The Coca-Cola Company, I had the chance to work for tens of brands from different industries in various ad agencies. I know how to analyse an industry, a market and the brand’s position within a particular market.

Creative Briefs


Strategies and tactics cannot succeed if not connected with creative marketing ideas and campaigns. Creativity is needed to activate competitive initiatives & ideas throughout the sales funnel, but if you cannot orchestrate the creativity well, you end up with disappointment. I have led numerous campaigns and creative projects throughout my career.

Employer & Cultural Brand


Only the best brands are built inside-out. If your culture cannot live by your brands, consumers won’t either. Being aware of your cultural strengths and challenges is the first step to build the most attractive corporate brand and culture for the best talent and for the strongest business partners.

Research & Insights


Data is a distraction if not linked with a market or consumer insight. I have worked with data throughout my career and distilled the critical insights from data. No matter if it is qualitative or quantitative, no matter if competitive or internal… Data should be translated into opportunities or learning.

Brand Building & Market Entry


How to build a brand in an existing or new market? I had the opportunity to launch and/or relaunch brands in both local and international markets successfully.

Communication & Marketing Strategies


How to build the right tactics and strategies to make success sustainable? Sometimes a fresh perspective helps to see things more clearly or more differently. Strategic processes are usually collaborative processes with lots of need for effective communications.