I am getting old I assume. Last week I noticed two campaigns which reminded me of some old legendary campaigns. Years ago, these works would be spotted out and accused of being plagiarised. But nowadays even the ad blogs are not into those discussions. Are we getting lazy, ignorant or even tired of trying of giving a good fight to end up with plagiarism?

Why? I guess the industry has many other problems. Many C level people were cut loose from very reputable agencies in the last few months. It is not my right to exploit the names of people whom I do not know and who were accused of mobbing, harassments, assault, aggression, discrimination… But I have to highlight that all these people are men!

#metoo movement evidently has its great impact in all culture creator industries, as well as Advertising. So justice has started to take place slowly as well as positive discrimination. Wendy Clark stepped up (maybe too) fast and she is the Sheryl Sandberg of advertising now.  I hope those women would bring more quality and originality to business after this wind of change to champion equality and to end Madmen era.

In the meanwhile, copy cat and lame campaigns will keep all of us busy. So be it.

Here are new Diesel (2018) and old Mini (2005) campaigns about knock offs:

Diesel – Fake
Mini – Counterfeit

And here are Toyota 92018) vs. Dr Pepper (2013):

Toyota – Good odds
One of a kind

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