Anonymous, Banksy and Satoshi Nakamoto… They all hide their identities. They should have their reasons but in a world where people just step forward and share their #metoo stories, be whistleblowers, come out of their closets with no fear; it is interesting to see people rejecting to own influential power. Those people can be much more popular than Kardashians with some help from marketers, but they don’t want to.

Obviously, Anonymous want to stay decentralised, although their existence has become a commercial concept, they are still under threat. They did their part in the history of humankind and the only way for them keep strong is to keep it discreet.

Banksy has developed his ways of being commercial, yet I have my doubts about Banksy not being a ‘him’ and even not being one single person… There are some theories around the real identity of Banksy. So Banksy may as well be a decentralised group like Anonymous.

Nakamoto is the most humble one among all. Although his/her white paper changed the global financial landscape, we do not even know if he (or she) has some bitcoins or any other cryptocurrencies in possession. Nakamoto identity was not a part of any commercial activities… Maybe a bit of some Elon Musk publicity.

As another simple example, Anonymous have instagram accounts, Banksy has one but Satoshi doesn’t…

This also makes sense, because just like a boys band; Anonymous’ and Banksy’s anonymity are secured by not having one single hero and therefore they can enjoy their success with minimum hassle and ego wars. Whereas Satoshi invented the way to make that idea of ‘decentralisation’ a golden chicken… which helped rich to get richer. And that was not his picture of success.

He is not around, maybe because he is really ashamed of the end result.

However, it was never only up to him to turn a brilliant idea into a community movement rather than an opportunistic movement. It was and it still is up to us. Block + chain as a double negative can have a positive meaning if we use it right:

Trump’s lecture about ‘would’ vs. ‘could’

Decentralisation means democracy. With its decentralised way of transferring value, smart contracts to ensure fairness and its transparency that is embedded to the idea it can change a lot. And change has a simple formula:

It is a matter of time in my humble opinion, I believe that decentralisation is not a fad but a macro trend and it is already happening:

All we need to do is just put some fat Vision… And it is indeed a matter of time.

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